So, you bought some fancy new digital slr camera gear, took a few photos of friends, family etc and then thought, now what? chiaroscuro is now what.

chiaroscuro is a way of giving you inspiring ideas on things to go and take photos of. It does this by providing a couple of randomly generated themes each month. The idea is that you will interpret the two themes in your own way which in the process, will hopefully spark something interesting in your mind. From there it is simply a case of getting out there and taking some shots!

At the end of each month, you upload your photos to the website and they are added to the photo pool from that month. From there you can sit back and enjoy the viewing goodness from all who have posted photos.

If you want to join chiaroscuro you will need to sit tight, as for the time being it is invite only. But hopefully pretty soon lots of people can jump in and have fun sharing their explorations into the rewarding world of digital photography :)


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